During the period of the pandemic, we heard a lot about Smart Working, translated “intelligent work”, which according to the definition of the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic is:

“A modality for the execution of the subordinate employment relationship established by agreement between the parties, also with forms of organization by phases, cycles and objectives and without precise constraints of time or place of work, with the possible use of technological tools for carrying out work activity “.

Or according to the definition of the Milan Polytechnic Observatory

“a new managerial philosophy based on giving people flexibility and autonomy in the choice of spaces, times and tools to be used in the face of greater responsibility for results”

Smart Working is a path of profound cultural change and requires an evolution of corporate and personal organizational models, for which various changes must be envisaged.

It is a cultural, organizational and process revolution. A revolution because it upsets traditional and consolidated habits and approaches in the world of work.

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