As the pandemic progresses, expressions such as "contact tracing" and "contact tracing apps" have entered our daily language, in particular with regard to the Immune app of the Task Force appointed by the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitization, designed as a system to know if we have come into contact with a person who a short time later tested positive for COVID-19.
First of all, a lexical clarification: the expression contact tracing does not refer only to the use of computer systems such as apps but contact tracing means reconstructing the contact chains of people who are positive for virus.

how contact tracing works?
A contact tracing app works like this: anyone in possession of a smartphone has the ability to activate a geolocation system that through bluetooth identifies which other smartphones are present in the immediate vicinity.

A tracking that can also take place in a "traditional" way, interviewing positive people and tracing situations in which they could put the health of close people at risk and providing to warn them.

The problem is that there are situations - such as having been in line at the supermarket, or in a bar or office - in which we don't know exactly who we met. It is there that it can also be useful to use a computerized support system, such as an app, which is based on the fact that every person today always has their smartphone with them.

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