the virus that has been attacking us in recent years has caught the attention of many scientists who have asked themselves the question: “Does the virus attack men or women alike or does it have different effects depending on the subject?”.

During the pandemic we had the opportunity to monitor the infection of the virus, and through the acquired data we were able to understand that in women the virus develops faster, and has milder symptoms than in men.

According to data from “Nature Communications”, men are 3 times more likely to end up in intensive care than women and 1.4 times more likely to die, while according to “Science” the risk of death in the male population is 1.7 times. higher for macho individuals over 30.

We have a confirmation of the hypothesis that lethality among women is lower among health workers. During the first wave of the pandemic in Italy, the spread among doctors and nurses was very marked and there was a greater number of infected operators compared to operators (25,000 against 10,000), but the lethality was 0.1% of men against 0.8% among males who with increasing age (over 60 years), the difference becomes more marked.

To further confirm that men are more likely to die if infected, INAIL data tell us that reports of accidents from covid-19 were higher among female workers, but 423 reports of accidents with fatal outcome were registered by 31 December. / 12/2020 of which 352 were men.

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