Some people say blood type 0 is less susceptible to Covid-19.

Blood Group

  A B AB 0
controls 1188 920 336 1250
Central Hospital of Wuhan 104 67 26 68
χ2 5.645 0.019 0.152 7.447
P 0.017 0.891 0.696 <0.01.

the 23andMe company conducted a study on 750,000 people including 10,000 who said they had contracted covid-19. The experiment is about coronavirus susceptibility depending on blood group.

Group 0 can be protective against this virus. after some results, it was concluded that these patients have between 18 and 9 percent less of being infected with the virus, which increases to 26 percent for healthcare workers who are more exposed to the infection. In contrast, patients with blood group A are 50 percent more likely to need assisted ventilation or oxygen.

In the patients studied at Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, 37 percent of the infected were group A and only 9.10 percent of blood 0, and among the 206 patients who died due to the virus, 41 percent were type A. (data as of June 10, 2020)

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