As of March 10, 2020, all 14 modular hospitals that can be built to deal with the coronavirus emergency in China, and in particular in the Wuhan area, have been closed. Some structures had already been placed under a sanitation process and dismantled in early March. That was a first positive sign towards a very slow return to normality, to be understood in any case with great caution and the Chinese authorities themselves invite “prudence” before speaking of a real return to the norm.

Chinese hospitals and clinics were built in record time a few days after the outbreak began, and have treated about 12,000 cases in the Wuhan area alone.

Thanks to the quarantine and contagion containment systems operated in the Chinese province most affected by Covid-19, the number of people discharged or transferred to other facilities increased to the point of leading to the closure of about 11 field hospitals. A few days later, the facility set up at the Wuhan sports center, converted into a hospital, which contained 1,000 beds and treated more than a thousand patients, was closed.

One of the many hospitals built during the pandemic is undoubtedly the coronavirus hospital called Huoshenshan in the city of Wuhan, its construction was scheduled for February 3, 2020, and so it was, thanks to the skills of Chinese workers. This was not just any hospital, in fact its construction was defined by the newspapers as “an impossible undertaking” because it was characterized by the “Chinese speed” that made it possible to set up the Huoshenshan coronavirus hospital in just 10 days. The start of the works took place on 24 January 2020.

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