In this article we will talk about the arrival of Covid-19 in Italy and the first cases.

The first two infected in Italy were two Chinese tourists who were hospitalized on January 29, 2020 in the national institute for infectious diseases. The competent authorities immediately took care of the situation by allerting the people with whom the infected came in contact with to reduce the chances of contagion as much as possible. After just one month, in Italy, on February 29, 2020, 888 infections were recorded, 21 deaths and 345 hospitalized, 64 of which in intensive care. Only a week later the infections and deaths had increased exponentially reaching a total of 7,375 infected, 366 deaths and 4,207 hospitalized, 650 of which in intensive care, it is fair to point out that of the latest 4,207 hospitalized only 3,557 were placed in specific Covid wards, and that, therefore, all the other beds were improvised for the eventuality.

Unfortunately, from March 8 to 29 of the same month there is a hole due to the lack of publication of official reports that reported precise data. On March 9, the first national lock-down was implemented, which blocked every movement between communes except in cases of urgency. So let’s jump to March 29, spent completely in lock-down that would seem to have not brought benefits, in fact the data was getting closer and closer to the maximum peak with a total of 97,687 infected, 10,779 deaths and 31,292 hospitalized, 3,906 of which in ICU (intensive care unit).

Due to a lack of information, we once again jump directly to April 10 when the increase in the total numbers is frightening, in just over ten days the total cases have reached 147,477 (with an increase of 50,000 new cases), the positives almost touch the 100,000, the deaths increase by about 10,000 thus reaching a total of 18,849, while the hospitalized almost touch the 32,000 and thus reaching the maximum peak in Italy, which will then lead to a slow and very long descent.

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