As we have seen, this pandemic has mainly targeted people in an advanced state of age, so the question arises from itself:

What age group is most affected?

The average age of patients who died due to Covid-19 had an average age of 83 years considering an interval from 0 to a maximum of 109 years, including 43.9% women while the remaining men. Contrary to what one might expect, however, the most infected average age group and the one between 48 and 58 years old, this means that a person in an average age group is more likely to contract the virus, while an older person it is more vulnerable to the effects of the virus themselves.

Why do older people die more?

There are two plausible answers and they are closely related to each other:

-An elderly person’s body is weaker.

– There is a greater chance that an elderly person will already have other diseases by the time they contract the virus.

As you can easily understand, people’s immune systems weaken as they get older and this makes them more vulnerable and fragile. This vulnerability is given by the presence of pre-existing pathologies from the person that could lead to complications, in fact there have been various cases where the person affected by Covid-19 died due to a disease that he had been trying to eradicate for some time but that took the the upper hand following a lowering of the immune defenses caused by the introduction of the new virus.

How many elderly people are we talking about?

By sticking to the latest data available to us (updated on 5/03/2021) they show that the percentage of over 80, up to a maximum of 109 years, deaths from Covid-19 in Italy is equal to about 60% of the 97,699 total deaths. Since the beginning of the administration of vaccines, the over 80 infected are slowly decreasing, the latest data dating back to 23/02/2021 declare a decrease of 1.3%.

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