There are no specific medicines to treat SARS-CoV-2 infection despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has been underway for 11 months now, because the development of a medicines requires different clinical trials with the aim of reducing the mortality of the disease and hospital stays in COVID-19 patients. Some of these medicines are already on the market, others are still experimental.

These medicines used against infection fall mainly into 4 categories:

 1. antivirals that prevent the virus from replicating in cells.
 2. immunostimulants support the action of the immune system against the virus.  
 3. anti-coagulants that reduce the risk of thrombotic events 
 4. immunomodulators with anti-inflammatory activity for the forms of the disease with over-activation of the immune system.

Experimental medicines

Many medicines are being tested for this infection, the most promising drug to block the virus is a drug that manages to reduce the duration of the disease by a few days. The most effective drugs are cortisone, they block excess inflammation that can damage the lungs and other organs. Medicines against fever are recommended for everyone, for those with slightly more severe symptoms, oxygen and remdesivir must be administered, and for those with even more severe symptoms, cortisone drugs can be administered and anticoagulants. Antibiotics are only effective if you have infections due to bacteria. 

Some molecular features that can help us are present in the genome which are made up of RNA which has a single usable strand once the virus comes into contact with the host cell. Inside the RNA there is a protein that has a helical structure, and in addition there is the Spike protein which is one of the most important.


Serotherapy consists of giving infected people a serum that comes from another person who is hyper immune, that is, who has already been infected and who has already developed antibodies. Defenses are transferred immune from one convalescent person to another after administering this serum there is a beneficial effect but it is not a lasting effect.

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