During this pandemic, people have been locked up in their homes in complete isolation. This at first only caused discomfort but people were able to engage in hobbies or activities that distracted them mentally.

One of them is music, it has alleviated the anguish and panic caused by the virus, it is a practical and simple way to improve a clouded mood with the aim of keeping people together in this pandemic period. Music has been very helpful for everyone, in fact, how many times has it happened that we put on headphones and we forgot reality for a moment, being transported into a world of fantasy.

The people did not give up in front of the Coronavirus on the contrary they gave vent to their passion and reacted. The rainbow sheets appeared between the balconies of Italy wishing everyone “everything will be okay”, this is to make it clear to the single person that he is not alone and that we must be united.

For example, in Tusa, a small village of the Nebrodi in the Messina area, the street band Fanfaroma had remedied the stop at the concerts by playing the songs by looking out of the windows and balconies, playing for an audience that listened by stretching their heads behind the window.

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