Coronavirus is not only a pathology that affects the physical health of those affected, but brings with it a series of psychological consequences including: fear and a sense of loneliness and abandonment during the period of isolation at home or during the hospitalization.

With the appearance of the Coronavirus, people in general are forced to interrupt their daily habits, sometimes finding themselves in a state of complete disorientation. The most frequent reaction in this period is fear, partly because we are still experiencing a sense of uncertainty about our future.

Social isolation and imprisonment are very difficult to manage especially for those who are used to often leaving their homes for work or leisure. Despite everything over time, people have begun to get used to this lifestyle for several months and have always carried on with the hope that one day there will be a cure for this pandemic and return to their former life again.

People have devoted their time to activities, sports or hobbies that for some time have relieved their anguish by removing them from reality. Thanks to new technologies, social media in particular have had the merit of avoiding the sense of isolation and loneliness that plagued many people, especially in the early stages of the pandemic. Many families have been able to experience almost unique and unforgettable moments together. This pandemic has its negative but also positive sides as regards the value of family and friendship.

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