For a year now, we students have been forced to follow the lessons via the screen of a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet. If I went back a couple of years, I would never have foreseen that the period of the second and third high school would have spent closed at home studying and making box; too high expectations, perhaps. But still, who would have thought that life would change so suddenly? Who would have ever imagined becoming the protagonist of an apocalyptic film? In this article I will try to report a little what is the common sentiment regarding distance learning, but I cannot completely resume the doubts I have about this learning methodology. School is one of the most memorable times in a person’s life, and I’m sure there will be some regret when I remember these moments, despite the effectiveness of DAD.


The DAD in my opinion essentially has two fundamental problems. As a student that I am I can say that it is much more difficult to stay focused and follow the lesson. This is because there are many more distractions at home than at school such as a postman ringing the doorbell, a younger sister yelling at the top of her throat asking you to play with her, the connection teasing you, and a hundred thousand other examples that would demonstrate. how unsuitable the family environment is to follow the lessons. Furthermore, this type of teaching presupposes a suitable instrumentation; many students, the first months of lockdown, were unable to keep up with the others for purely practical reasons such as the absence of a computer or an internet connection. And still today there are people who often do not show up for remote lessons due to technical problems.

Then the DAD cancels the contact between us comrades. A fairly important decompensation as interaction in general always produces personal growth. In fact, there is no comparison that is created in class between pupils and teachers, the exchange of ideas and opinions.


Personally, I think that DAD can never replace face-to-face lessons because humanity in general, but especially us young people, needs to relate to the surrounding world. We are not beings made to spend hours in front of a screen, sitting alone behind a desk.

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