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The plague is one of the most known and historical diseases in the world… but are you sure you know everything about this disaster?

The plague is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium present in fleas housed by animals such as mice and rabbits and was one of the most dangerous and catastrophic ilness that affected humanity.
Spread for ages and in every part of the world, often the epidemics of plague have had such dimensions to upset the society and the economy of entire geographic areas.

When was the first plague outbreak?

  • The first real plague epidemic described (by the historian Thucydides) was the one that which struck Athens in 430-429 BC.

The plague did not even spare Rome in 166 AD, which exterminated at least a quarter of the population

The most famous epidemic in history?

The plague that struck Europe between 1347 and 1351 was the worst and most famous epidemic in history.

Thousands of people got sick and died in the space of a few days. The enemy that generated these sudden deaths was invisible and manifested itself through devastating symptoms such as a strong fever and the appearance of black bubonic, from which the name of Death Star was attributed.

Where did the bacteria come from?

The epidemic arrived in Europe through trade routes with the East.

  • The doctors believed that the disease was due to the hot and humid air that altered the humors of the human body, which were modified by bleeding and purging.
  • The position of the celestial bodies, whose influence would cause unhealthy fumes to rise to the surface from within the Earth, which were changed by lighting bonfires with aromatic substances in the streets.

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