At the time of the plague the doctors wore a dark dress, from head to foot and wore a mask with a long “bird” beak filled with “teriaca”, a compound with over 55 herbs used to purify the air inside the masks. The clothing is due to the mistaken belief that the plague spread by air. Instead, the covid doctors are dressed in disposable shirts that cover the entire body, a cap, glasses, more pairs of masks (of different types), gloves, and footwear. All these protections are used to decrease contact with patients and to avoid contracting the virus


These two movements, although totally different, have as their common thread the belief in something to cope with the anguish of pandemics. During the plague the scourges were people who were linked to the Christian belief that forced them to practice self-flagellation in public as a form of penance and devotion.In a different way even the deniers of Coronavirus rely on the belief of denial and go against all that a state imposes or demands to follow, for example no vax (no vaccines) or no mask (no masks).


The plague occurs as a result of the biting of infected fleas or skin lesions on a person. Typical manifestation of this form is the development of bubbons, inflamed swellings of the lymphatic glands, followed by fever, headaches, chills and weakness.When we speak of coronavirus, however, some people become infected but do not develop any symptoms; Most cases, especially children and young adults, appear to have a mild, flu-like disease, and at first slow. But the disease can reach a more severe form and present pneumonia, severe acute respiratory failure, kidney failure and in some cases death.

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