The plague patients were treated in the hospital, which was the place of confinement and isolation of carriers of infectious diseases; it was the place where infected people were treated in very bad conditions from the point of view of hygiene and where they were piled on top of each other.. Totally different is the situation for COVID-19, where patients are hospitalized in hospitals dedicated to the treatment of the virus that enjoy better hygienic conditions and technologies that allow better healing or assistance; or various facilities (e.g. fairs) have been built or adapted in such a way that COVID-19 patients can be treated.


In the case of the plague, the victims were taken, through wagons, from the streets or from the lazaretto and then buried or thrown into mass graves. While in the case of the current pandemic the army has placed at disposal military trucks to transport the coffins. The image below represents the city of Bergamo, deserted due to the lockdown, in the days when the pandemic has reached a very high number of deaths.


The plague has spread from Asia to then spread throughout Europe and Africa where there have been an exorbitant number of victims. The new scourge swept the continent and the chroniclers recorded the passage of the plague from city to city coming to the conclusion that the spread of it was mainly due to the migrations of the Mongols in the Asian territories and the numerous commercial exchanges between Asia and Europa. The Black Death counts about 20 million victims including about a third of the entire European population.Covid-19 has expanded worldwide since China in a few months, reaching the peak of infections in March and April 2020. The people infected to date are about 106 million and the deaths .

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