A pandemic that keeps us away, a virus that infects, affects and kills. A virus that puts the lives of those who fight on the front line at risk every day to help others defeat it. Before the lockdown, many street artists from all over the world wanted to convey the strength, hope and courage that will help us face the battle we are experiencing through their works.

What is?

The word street art, in Italian street art, indicates all the forms of art that occur in public places and in various techniques.
We can also say that every street artist has their own personal motivations. Some practice it as a form of subversion, criticism or as an attempt to abolish private property, thus claiming public places as streets and squares, and others see cities as a place to exhibit their creations and express their own emotions and thoughts through art. In fact, street art gives the possibility of having a very large audience and not at all comparable to a traditional exhibition of works in an art gallery.

Street art or graffiti?

Street art is a particular form of expression of art that should not be confused with graffiti as it is to be considered a substantially different category apart. Previously street art was seen as an expression of youth vandalism, today street art is considered a real modern art form. At a glance, especially for a non-expert in the field, it is difficult to distinguish these two forms of art, but there is a difference. In fact, it can be found in the technique, which is not necessarily linked to the use of specific materials such as spray paints for example. We can therefore say that the common feature of these two is the place and sometimes the method of execution.

The technique

As in the creation of hand-painted paintings, the techniques used for street art are many, each of which is applied according to the goal to be achieved and the attitude of the artist who creates the work.
The most used techniques are: the spray can, the stencil, the murals.

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