As in any difficult moment, music always manages thanks to its power to express itself in a clear and precise way, and to be the under-bottom that expresses people’s thinks and emotions. Music reaches people in a poignant way and, the content belonging to it comes straight to the heart and mind bringing clear messages that many times serve as a more powerful and convincing means of communication than simple words or speeches. An example during this long war against COVID-19 is the song written by Roby Facchinetti whose title is “Rinascerò, Rinascierai”, which Through Bergamo, one of the cities most affected in this pandemic, wanted to instill a message of hope to italians.

“Rinascerò, rinascerai”, Roby Facchinetti

A song-dedicated to Bergamo, which last March, had been put to its knees by the pandemic. Roby Facchinetti wrote it together with another former Pooh singer who unfortunately lost his life due to COVID-19 last summer, Stefano D’Orazio. A piece of hope that is called “Rinascerò, rinascerai”, a song whose proceeds were donated to the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo. In an interview with the newspaper ” Il Giorno ” he recounted that:

“After watching on television the images of army trucks carrying the bodies of my fellow citizens I was overwhelmed with emotion, crying and anger took me to the piano and within minutes the music and the title of ‘I will be reborn, you will be reborn’ was born. It was an inspiration and an immediate need, I felt I had to do something, especially for my city, so hard hit… I called Stefano asking him to support me in the project and entrusting to him the text, which perfectly expresses what I felt, a perfect marriage between music and words. The song is the desire for rebirth and hope, a dedication to those who have left us and their families, a thank you for all those who work incessantly for the good of others: doctors, nurses and all hospital staff, they are the heroes and heroines of these days. A prayer for a city that does not give up”.

Stefano D’Orazio also recounted that:

“A few days ago Roby called me with a broken voice from crying, between a breath and a silence he told me about the harrowing vision he had just witnessed… half an hour later I was already looking for the most suitable words to dress his music, words of pain, trust, redemption. ‘Rinascerò, rinascerai’ wants to be a simple way to do our little part too: this we know how to do, music, for a no to the future of a wounded city like Bergamo that ‘when everything is over, it will come back to see the stars’…”

The video of the song is very significant, in fact we find images of the city and doctors, nurses and all those who also collaborated in building the field hospital at the Bergamo fair in just over a week including ultras, players and coach of the football club Atalanta.

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