If there is one sector in suffering, perhaps more than many others, it is that of culture, in particular the museums that during the Covid period were forced to a long unproductive closure. Faced with this problem, many museums have therefore tried to solve it by organizing themselves in other ways. A clear example is the TBergamo exhibition organized by Gamec.


TBergamo is an initiative taken by the modern art gallery, Gamec which contains all the works related to the coronavirus not only by artists from Bergamo, but also by foreign artists linked to the city to which they wanted to pay homage and support, Bergamo, the which has been severely affected by this pandemic. This exhibition can be accessed online through a completely free guide. It is divided into several rooms in which various works by different artists are shown.
Let's see below some examples of work.

TBergamo and his works

As previously mentioned, the museum is divided into rooms, and a work has been exhibited in each of them.
In the first room we find a stack of all the Eco di Bergamo prints that were printed starting from February 22, 2020. This work symbolizes how simple newspapers can talk about the very difficult situation that occurred during the pandemic.
Andrea Mastrovito is a painter who had a very close relationship with Bergamo, and for this reason he decided to create a work for his beloved city. In fact, for his creation Mastrovito, he took an image of a film printed 100 times and worked on the images of the living dead as zombies. The colors of the characters are white.
Tomas Hirschhlorn is a contemporary and conceptual Swiss artist and has created a work for the modern art gallery GAMeC. The work is entitled "More benevolence" and it offers a fragment of a very varied world of photographers and artists to enclose the humanity of each and to unite us.

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