During the period of Covid-19, museums were forced to close their doors suddenly. Museums around the world have tried to react to this situation in order to be able, first of all, to restart economically and then to be able to offer everyone the opportunity to experience art.

British Museum

Like many other museums even before the final declaration of lockdown in London, the British Museum had been closed for weeks in order not to increase the spread of the virus. After a short time, however, he managed to organize himself in a new type of exhibition, that is, leaving visitors comfortably seated at home by offering images of the exhibitions, up to 1.9 million photos and videos accessible, freely, to all. Currently at the British Museum the numbers are stuck at 2,000 visitors a day, a far cry from the usual 18,000 visits.


Another of the most important museums that has suffered the serious problems of the coronavirus is the French one. The Louvre suffered a drop in attendance and a drop in revenue of over 90 million euros. During the summer holidays he was able to count almost only on the presence of the French who were essential to ensure a minimum influx. In addition, the exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci was essential for the maintenance of the museum, exhibited just before the total closure due to the lockdown, in which they had 1.1 million visits. Currently the museum is still closed until further notice.

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