The implementation of social distancing and quarantine measures for the coronavirus pandemic is transforming the digital habits of people around the world. With the world closed at home and connected, the lockdown meant the victory of the internet also on TV and in entertainment in general. If Amazon has led the trade, Netflix is ​​the platform that has consecrated streaming globally by allowing people to be able to watch videos, movies and TV series. As for the increase, in 2019 the video on demand subscriptions have reached the box office. from “box office” and in 2020 they surpassed them reaching the peak. Netflix is ​​not the only platform that has achieved a boom in streams but we also find Prime Video and Disney Plus.


Over the whole of 2020, there have been significant increases in the use of video content compared to the previous year, especially during the two blocks for covid imposed by the government, namely that of March – April and that of October – December. In general, throughout the year, the use of video content increased much more than that of traditional TV. On the other hand, as regards the number of views, during the previous year, 2020, conquers the first place of the Sky podium, with 47%, followed by Mediaset 36% and RAI 12%, if instead we take time into consideration. spent watching content in first place we find Mediaset 38%; in second place RAI 32% and in third Sky 25%.

What did the Italians watch?

As for the growth of streaming, Italians particularly preferred films and TV series, followed by entertainment and sports content, which were blocked due to restrictive measures. Another interesting data concerns the age of the contents, in fact 44% of the contents used in 2020 were seen after more than 2 weeks from their release while as regards the Full Content contents, 46% was viewed after more than a month. .

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