The coronavirus, an invisible and unexpected enemy, has struck the whole world since December 2019. In Italy with the red zone all Italians, from north to south, found themselves fighting with the virus having to stay locked in their houses. To overcome this moment, Italians organized some initiatives that symbolize unity, solidarity and above all the desire to win against the coronavirus.

The flashmobs

One of the ways in which Italy tried to react to the national lockdown that started in March 2020 were flashmobs, where all Italians at the same time, looking out of the balconies or windows, were all together to overcome this difficult period. Everyone did their part on their own way and each neighborhood had its own music, from the national anthem to the songs that most convey peace of mind and closeness. The chosen day was Friday at 6pm, on this time we could find the Italians engaged in a musical flashmob to give back the life to the empty streets of the cities. It was the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, who formalized the event and gave everyone the appointment with the microphones of SkyTG24 and a post on facebook.

To make these flashmobs even more interesting were the live on the social networks of the most influential singers and artists who tried to involve as many people as possible. Two examples are Fedez and Chiara Ferragni who, in this pandemic, tried to do as much as possible to help Italians. They were also the first, however, to accept Beppe Fiorello’s invitation, or to stop the live as a sign of respect for the victims, especially after the images of the military trucks transporting the victims from Bergamo.

Everything will be fine

People intent on participating in flashmobs are not the only ones appearing on the balconies, however. Together with them we also see banners with the words “everything will be fine” and a rainbow that accompanies the writing, which has as its sole objective that of spreading comfort and solidarity among Italians.

Initiative that has spread through social media as soon as the first lockdown has taken place and invites children to decorate these banners and signs that will then be hung on balconies, railings, hedges or on the facades of houses in the most visible places as a symbol of support.

“We want to launch a wave of positivity and moreover the children will have fun painting. Run this message. Playful initiative to give a little color to this gray situation ”

These are the words of those who wanted to kick off this initiative. To be able to convey the desire to fight and not give up and to distract even the little ones locked in the house for closed schools.

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