We know very well that events were born to put people in contact, but in this moment of Covid emergency we have had to put all this aside for the safety of each of us.

The help of technology

In the last period we have been able to observe that digital has helped the world of entertainment to be present in our life in this moment of despair. We are also already aware that events can be transmitted via the internet but above all in recent months each of us has approached technologies such as social networks, websites and much more in a more conscious way ...
Another use of technology is linked especially to the use of it for communication such as the use of calls on WhatsApp with friends and relatives, or even on an application born in the Covid period, House Party, which allows you to making video calls with a high number of participants and which allowed friends to meet to exchange a few words and perhaps to make remote aperitifs which became very popular during the first quarantine. In addition to this, we absolutely must not forget about Zoom and Hangouts which have allowed us to continue lessons and meetings remotely.

And the artists?

This pandemic has certainly brought problems for artists as well, who have come up with some fantastic ideas to show their closeness to fans. In fact, live web and instagram conversations were conceived and even organized streaming concerts so as not to make people miss the music too much. There were numerous Italian singers who organized remote performances and some of them, for example Gianna Nannini, held a direct on Instagram aimed at raising funds for the San Paolo and San Carlo hospitals in Milan which raised more than 7 million EUR. Another contribution was given by the song RinascerĂ² Rinascerai, the proceeds of which were donated to the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo.

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