Covid-19 and movies

Throughout history, cinema has always managed to best represent difficult moments such as the Second World War, plague epidemics and nuclear disasters. But at a time like this is the film industry producing, or are you planning to produce films about the pandemic? Although cinematography has always made us escape from a world with restrictions, while also leaving away the continuous terrible news that we have been hearing repeated for some time now on the news and newspapers around the world, the Hollywood film industry is planning and has already recorded films. concerning the pandemic such as “Locked Down” film with Anne Hathaway which tells of a theft carried out during a pandemic period.

The real challenge for Hollywood is to make films that are able to report a theme like the pandemic in a compelling way and not fall into the banal or the obvious. There are many criticisms, many wonder why in a period like this we should give more fears and concerns to people, or why “burden” the world of entertainment with this theme.

Covid-19 and Tv series

Many TV series, such as movies, also wanted to bring the pandemic theme to the set, for example the world famous TV series Grey’s Anatomy. It is clear that the series that have more ease in dealing with the Covid issue are those that are defined as Medical Drama. Grey’s Anatomy, the famous series created by Shonda Rimes, was one of the first series to have had to stop the production of new episodes due to the pandemic. In addition, the production of the series donated all the medical machinery available on the set to health facilities. The seventeenth season of the series, however, has also decided to face Covid within the show, bringing the protagonist Meredith (played by Ellen Pompeo) to show herself with the anti-Covid uniform and not only, in fact Meredityh will contract the virus and will be forced to be hospitalized.

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