In this hard battle against coronavirus there are many artists who through art have sensitized on the theme to bring hope and power. Especially through street art which has always been a very important means of expressing ideas, emotions, many times contrasting and subversive with the ideas and demands placed by political figures in power. Below are some examples of more significant works made during this period of pandemic.

“Coronavirus”, Pony Wave

Among the works of street art, kissing has been widely used as a symbol of hope, to show the fine line between fear and love that we are going through at this moment. With this message Pony Wave, a Russian artist living in Los Angeles, colored a wall of the legendary Venice Beach. In her kiss, the masks are decorated with colored flowers, a motif often used by the artist, who is also a tattoo artist. A message of love and hope on which many street art artists have relied for their works in this period of pandemic, emphasizing that love wins over everything.

“Coexistência”, Eduardo Kobra

Hope is the central theme of the work of Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra, in art Kobra, who painted Coexistência in São Paulo, Brazil, you see five children of different religions praying, obviously wearing masks. “In these times when social distancing is necessary, we must have faith,” the artist wrote. “No matter where we come from, our ethnicity or our religion, we are united in our thick prayer: may God inspire scientists to find a solution to the pandemic.” A clear message from the artist who reiterates how union, hope and prayer can help for this complicated moment.

“Hope dealer”, Corie Mattie

American artist Corie Mattie, who has made hope her creative pillar, has invaded Los Angeles and other American metropolises with positive and encouraging messages to motivate people to respect lockdowns and social distancing. On joyful yellow backgrounds appears the figure of the hope dealer, the “drug dealer of hope“, who instead of selling illicit material dispenses optimism and hope. Also of impact are the words: cancel plans, not humanity, “cancel programs, not humanity”; close doors, open minds, “close the door, open your mind”; if you’re reading this, go home, “if you’re reading this, go home.” A message of positivity, hope and respect for the rules imposed by political figures to be able to fight this invisible enemy

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