In this pandemic period, street artists have also made themeselves felt in particular, covering the walls of cities to also show their support in this difficult period. One of the most famous street artists in certainly Banksy, who in a period like this could not stay on the sidelines, above all he wanted to emphasize his recognition af all the people who are working against the Corona virus

Who is Banksy?

Banksy born in Bristol in the seventies is one of the major exponents in the field of street art but we know nothing else about him, in fact “Banksy” is only his stage name and his true identity is unknown to everyone except to some of his friends and closest collaborators. His art has reached walls, roads and bridges all over the world, always expressing himself directly with topics including culture and ethics, often with a satirical background.

Game changer

The most significant work of this period is precisely this, a work that Banksy decided to donate to the Southampton hospital as a symbol of gratitude to all healthcare workers. A child is represented, dressed in a onesie and next to a basket containing, abandoned, the Batman and Spider-Man puppets. The child holds his new super hero: a nurse with her arms in the classic posture of Superman in action and the only colorful detail of the whole work.

“Thank you for what you all do. I hope this brightens the place a little, even if it’s only in black and white”

This was written on a note that accompanied the work when he delivered it to the hospital, in person dressed in an anti-contamination suit and mask.

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